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Candy Cane Vodka

Candy Cane Vodka

Homemade Candy Cane Vodka

Homemade Candy Cane Vodka

It is time to get ready for the holidays; you need to get started making your Candy Cane Vodka.

You will be ready to take your gift to any Christmas party. It is so easy to make.


All you need is;

Mason Jars

1 Cup of Candy Canes



Put the cup of candy canes in the Mason jar, fill the jar with vodka and put the lid on the jar. Allow to soak for 1 – 3 days in a mason jar filled with vodka. Shake whenever you feel like it this will help to dissolve the candy cane.

When ready, most of the candy cane will be dissolved, and you’ll see a thick scum on the top of the jars. You may see some chunks of candy cane on the bottom of the jar and that’s okay too. That’s part of the sugars and ‘other ingredients’.  We’re going to get rid of all that so don’t worry about it.

When ready to use or chill, strain each jar through cheesecloth or an old t-shirt to get the funk out. I strain them into a bowl and pour the contents right back in the Mason jars. They store great in the refrigerator.

What you’re left with is pure joy. Mix it up and play with mixers and juices.

It’s a favorite to always the first to drown your sorrows in, straight.

Candy Cane Vodka is really good mixed with Club Soda.


Dress the jar up with some ribbon and a Candy Cane you are ready to give they for gifts. Something homemade is like giving it from your heart.


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